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Soft Washing For Your Home's Delicate Surfaces

Soft Washing For Your Home's Delicate Surfaces

Soft washing is a great way to clean the exterior of your home's various surfaces. If you've never heard about soft washing, or if you're not quite sure what it is, keep reading to find out more about soft washing and why it works for your home.

New View Window Cleaning offers extensive residential pressure washing services, however, some homeowners might worry that traditional pressure washing is too harsh for delicate materials like wood, vinyl, and brick. That they are right to worry.

When pressure washing is not done by an experienced cleaner it has the potential to quickly crack, dent, and discolor a surface leaving you with repair bills that will cost you.

Hiring a professional pressure washing company like New View Window Cleaning mean you get the benefit of our experience plus the quality results you're after, all without having to worry about possible damage to your surface.

Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing

So what is the difference between pressure washing and soft washing? It most has to do with PSI or pounds per square inch. Soft washing is a cleaning technique that was developed in the mid-1990s as a safer alternative to pressure washing.

Soft washing uses less pressure plus eco-friendly cleaners to safely clean exterior surfaces like roofs, patios, decks, windows, and fences. Because soft washing uses a lower PSI there is less risk of damage to a surface but you still get the same polished results.

If you're worried pressure washing is too extreme for some of your outdoor spaces, New View Window Cleaning is proud to offer soft washing as a great, affordable way to transform your surface without the worry.

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Soft Washing For Tough Cleaning

Soft washing is a powerful way to remove bacteria, dirt, dust, animal droppings, and general build-up from your home. While pressure washing is a great cleaning method for tough materials like concrete or steel, soft washing works perfectly for more delicate areas like roofs, porches, and windows.

Soft washing is an excellent cleaning method because not only does it give you the same beautiful results as pressure washing without the risk, but it uses less water than pressure washing, making it a great green alternative.

Speaking of green alternatives, soft washing is often used in combination with biodegradable and gentle cleaners which means great polished results without harming your plants or pets.

Any way you look at it soft washing is the ideal way to remove tough stains, mold, bacteria, algae, and grime. If you want to revitalize your home without breaking the bank, soft washing is an ideal investment to give you the result you want!

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